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Big Ballet

“Big Ballet follows a troupe of plus size amateurs as they attempt to realise their dream of dancing Swan Lake. Rebellious ballet legend Wayne Sleep was the shortest dancer ever to make his debut on the Royal Ballet stage and now he wants to unlock the world of ballet for a wider audience and break one of the biggest taboos in the ballet world: size. Under the watchful eye of Wayne and Prima Ballerina Monica Loughman the dancers will ruffle the feathers of the ballet establishment as they attempt what some experts say is impossible.”  excerpted from


A lot of reality shows are silly.  But, every once in a while there is an inspirational one.  The women who auditioned for Big Ballet initially thought this would be a show that would make fun of them for being big or heavy and older and wanting to be ballet dancers.  However, the show was legitimate and it showed the world that if you are a dancer, your size and your age does not matter.  We salute them for breaking stereotypes, awakening dreams and showing the world a different way.  And, the wonderful thing is that these dancers are not seeking fame and fortune.  They seek just to dance and to show the world that if they can do it, anyone can. We were fortunate to be able to interview some of the dancers from the show and are so proud of them for dancing.  Thank you!

Dancer’s Interviews:

This was the advertisement that the dancers responded to: Rare Day Advert   Big Ballet UK is seeking funding so the dancers can travel and perform and do workshops.  Please visit their site for more information: