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Believe in Yourself

by Alyssa McCall

Marilyn Alviero

Have you ever felt as though you needed extra motivation? We all get like this sometimes, and it always helps to have a person who helps you get back on track. This person for me has been Marilyn Alverio. I have known Marilyn for the past ten years of my life and have always known that I could count on her to inspire me to think about my future. From talks to volunteering at her Latinas and Power event, each moment involving Marilyn has been full of motivation and inspiration. She worked her way up in life, which shows many people—such as me—that in life we really can do anything that we put our minds to. We just cannot give up. When life gets difficult, keep pushing back until you become the best that you can be. That is exactly what Marilyn has done. As a student that has attended many workshops at her events, I came across the continuous message of “believing in myself.” To some people this may be easy to do, but for many people it is common to doubt yourself and to believe that you just cannot get through life’s obstacles. Thanks to workshops that I have attended because of Marilyn I was reminded that believing in myself is necessary if I want to accomplish anything. Marilyn has introduced me to many people that have made such a large impact on me and I am very grateful that I have met this amazing woman! Thank you, Marilyn!


Alyssa and her younger brother

Alyssa is a student at Howard University in DC, USA.


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