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Baby Boomers

by Nancy Ayo Nelson, Ph.D


I am disappointed in some of my fellow Baby Boomers who seem to have trouble with aging. Let us be serious. When did aging become a fight or a disease to be cured? Try for 10 or 20 years younger – especially women who grow old while men mature. Try one of the growing number of products promising everything except the fountain of youth; products to fight aging and to cure aging line shelves. If we chose not to buy or use them, than we must justify our willingness to go to the other side. I believe aging is an earned right. I have served my time in three in heels and dresses cut down to here and up to there; always dressing for men and to out dress other women. With age I believe comes a dignity, a grace, a beauty only age can bring. Age gives a glow of comfortable elegance. Grey hair adds to greatness and wrinkles design faces into a uniqueness no makeup can design. Body change, not unattractively, just a new shape, a new form, beautifully perfect. Age is inevitable if you are lucky enough to live. Embrace each step.

Another issue on aging is the articles explaining how to communicate with the younger generation. I have no problem with learning to do so; however, there should also be articles on how youth can communicate with us. Where is the two way street? How do youth learn to communicate with the largest population in U.S. history (and with the most expendable income) now slowly moving as a glacier into retirement? The U.S. is so focused on youth that even this huge body of people hand themselves willingly over to younger and newer.