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Are You Struggling with Dyslexia? The Healthy Emotions Story Is For You!






By Susan Jane Smith B.Sc.
In October 2012, Elaine Barnes my business partner, and I were talking about our experiences as therapists (counselors). We realized that for people with dyslexia it was a difficult process when we recommended that they read self-help books to facilitate their changes. Both of us are consummate readers and it was natural for us to suggest books that could help people improve their quality of life. Clients with dyslexia either avoided trying the reading material or were forced to explain their difficulties with reading.dyslexia

Healthy Emotions Ltd. was born that day. We realized that there was a gap in the market for people struggling with emotional issues and dyslexia. Having dyslexia does not stop you from being sad, angry, stressed, depressed, in an unhappy relationship, or bereaved. The new audio website currently displays the self-help e-books that I have written, audio books written by other authors on an Amazon widget in the Healthy Emotions Store and aids for dyslexics in another widget. Did you know that a Kindle can read to you?

Famous dyslexics Richard Branson, Henry Winkler, Kara Tointon, and Erin Brockovitch are talking on You Tube and you can find those channels easily through our website. On our You Tube channel you will see a large selection of people talking about dyslexia and all this is audio.

An early decision was that our website is available in audio so just click that button on the Home Page. We are in the process of making audio books ourselves. Our blogs are audio so do check them out weekly.

If you or someone you know are dyslexic come and visit our Forum page and tell us about your experience with dyslexia and share with other people.  There is also a Resources page if you want more information about dyslexia.  You can find out about Elaine and I through the About Us page and do Contact Us with your feedback please.


susan_smithSusan Jane Smith B.Sc.

an audio experience that opens horizons…
Are you dyslexic?  We’d love to hear from you about your experiences. This is an audio website and we will be creating audio material about emotional issues.  In the meantime a Kindle will read my 20 self-help e-books to you!


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