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Are Women Really Moving Up?

 by Nancy Nelson, Ph.D

Women have moved ahead though at a slow pace; chipping away at the glass ceiling that will one day crumble. Magazines carry articles to help women advance in a man’s world and still maintain herself as a woman. The magazines also give women ideas on dressing for success. This is where I raise questions. The styles and colors seem to be those that let men stay comfortable with this new creature invading his space. I don’t see bright colorful flowing dresses fitted at the waist with a belt. Hair is shoulder length or pinned up in an effort to not look too feminine. Makeup is a must in order to get ahead. But not just any makeup will do. The makeup must look natural as it covers what is natural. There should be the appearance that no makeup is being worn. The makeup should cover what men have labeled imperfections. Most of all, makeup should cover and disguise a woman’s age. Even magazines published to celebrate women aging, the women must defend their acceptance of aging.

Aging is the one factor women must stop to decide if they accept themselves and then tell the world. At what other age is this done?

Worst of all are high heels. Women are warned about the problems of wearing high heels, yet in the business fashion, pictured are very high high heels, not comfortable walking shoes. Where did high heels come from? They are designed for man’s pleasure as he watches a woman leave the room or go up the stairs. So how far have we really come if we invade the business world dressed, not so much for business, but to make men comfortable and to give them pleasure as we leave the board meeting?