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Amy – Learning A New Skill

It’s not about time.  It’s about what you do with what you have.  Amy’s been unemployed for the last two years and nothing has turned up job-wise.  She has found a way to keep her idle hands busy and may potentially be able to develop a small business from her newly developed skill.



How long ago did you get laid off?

I was laid off in April 9th, 2009.


You haven’t been able to find a job since then?

At this time I am still unemployed haven’t found anything as of yet.


How much longer will you be able to receive unemployment?

I have a little time left – a few more months.


What will you do when that’s gone?

Well… I hope by then I will have found a job…there are no more extensions.  It’s like – o.k. if you don’t find something by time your unemployment is up – well..Good Luck… which isn’t really fair.  But I feel as long as I get out there and try my best I will get something.  I’m not alone; I always have “God” with me.. He knows what I need.



Meanwhile, you’ve been looking for creative ways to make money if it ends up that you have to, and you have found something.  Tell us about what you’re doing and how you got started.

You know it’s funny, I always wanted to learn how to knit but, in the back of my mind I thought it was

so hard.  I was buying scarves from the stores and they just didn’t look quite like they will keep you warm.  It’s as if the scarves in the store are just for looks.  Hey – I like to look good and be “warm.”

My neighbor who is 87 yrs. old and still going strong (she’s got more pep than I do) took me under her wings and taught me.   She didn’t hold back any punches.  If I made mistakes, she let me have it. She didn’t sugar coat her words!  So, I got better and I didn’t mind her beating me up verbally, so to speak, because this is something I wanted to do for me and maybe share with others.

It took me almost a year to get it right – I really haven’t mastered it like she has but, at least I can make my scarves and they are good enough for me to wear out.

I am very particular about who I make a scarf for.  I’ve got to make a scarf out of “Happy Yarn” (hard to explain).

As far as making this something to make money from, well – I haven’t given it a lot of thought.  I’ve  made about 20 scarves so far and they were for relatives.  They are your hardest customer, so getting feedback from them helps.  Everyone has been happy with their scarf so far and since I can’t afford to buy any gifts, this will keep them warm in the winter and also make them think of me!


Do you see yourself doing this as a small business business in the future?

Not really at this time… but with the economy the way it is and if my unemployment runs out, hey – you never know!


These multi-colored scarves are made from the leftover yarn from other scarves.