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Ahseik Tees – Empowering Women

Kiesha Tindal – Empowering Women

Kiesha Tindal sells more than t-shirts.  She sells a concept – an idea – that “you are incredible. ”  Is it believable?  It should be!

A lot of women – young and old – suffer with self-esteem issues.  We are bludgeoned with negative and stereotypes of what women are and what women should be.   Acceptance that we are wonderful and beautiful the way we are is what she teaches with her t-shirts.


You are an entrepreneur – what kind of background do you have?

I actually have no entrepreneur background.

Why did you decide to promote self-empowerment for women and how did you arrive at the idea of selling t-shirts and why t-shirts as opposed to something else for women?

As an adolescent and young adult, I wasn’t very confident and had low self esteem.  Then raising a daughter in that consciousness made me realize that the earlier self love and self empowerment is instilled, the more positive the reflection of one’s own self worth.

I’ve always wanted to design t-shirts.  T-shirts to me is the simple side of fashion, you can be casual, work out in them or you can dress them up with a pair of jeans, some heals and a few accessories.  Either way, you would wear it displaying how you feel about yourself with pride.

Were you afraid when you first started out?  And, if so, what got you over the fear of just doing it?

I was afraid at first because I knew it would take socializing and I wasn’t always a social person.  Once I started to explain to people the concept and message behind Ahseik, it felt natural.

One of the things that you mentioned was that you started this to help your daughter develop a positive image of herself.  Does she help with the business also and in what way?

My daughter is very social so she would go with me to several vending events and pass out flyers and spread the word on what Ahseik tees is all about.


You have more I AM statements and products coming soon?

I do have more I AM statements.  The next I AM statement will be “I AM PHENOMENAL.”

What is your vision for your company down the line?  How do you see Ahseik Tees in five years or ten years?

My vision is to design long sleeve shirts, sweat shirts and possibly t-shirts, long sleeve and sweat shirts for men as well.  I really don’t know of active wear that caters to women specifically so, that’s been dancing around in my head.  I see Ahseik in department stores and on the runway.

What advice would you give to someone else who wanted to start out on a business venture?

I would say don’t think about it to hard, just follow your heart and make it happen.  The longer you wait there is more of a potential for discouragement.


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