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The goal is to talk about women and women’s issues. We are significant in our homes and in society in general. Spiritually, women bring a certain energy to life – the spirit of love, nurturing, forgiveness, gentleness… We have properties that men do not, just as men have properties that women don’t have.

We move the soul. Our words are soft, penetrating, comforting and gently guide situations and people toward love. We are the vessels through which new life emerges upon the earth. We are the creators and the life givers. Historically, men are the takers. There have been many wars throughout all of the Earth’s time. Women are needed to counteract that energy. We bring balance, peace, love and nurturing. Even our planet which supports all life is referred to as “Mother” Earth.

At Women Move the Soul, we don’t do “stars.” Stars are up in the sky; people are not stars. We talk about the every day woman. Those who stand out by the choices that they make and the things they do. These are the “stars” that we are interested in. The typical Mom who puts her own dreams aside to raise her children – she has great wisdom. She probably makes the best apple pie or can tell you how to remove that stain better than anyone else. The woman who runs the office and does so with great expertise, the woman who cleans floors for a living but has that spark – that certain something that makes others smile. The woman who decided to study and teach martial arts…

We are all special. We are all worthy. We are all women.

We invite you to read and interact with us. You may post comments on articles and our blog. We would love to have more writers, more topics, more subjects, more inspiration! Feel free to email me. Or, if you know of any woman that you’d like to see featured on this site, please send an email. And, that woman can be ANY woman – your Mom, sister, aunt, friend, cousin, neighbor, teacher, etc. We are the unsung heroes who stand in the shadows and keep the fires going.

Tomaca Govan

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