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A December Wedding? Why Not?



Things to consider for a December wedding:

Can you get the time off from work?  How about the people that you may want to invite.  Will they be able to take time off before the holiday?

Not such a silly question.  Some positions in retail are usually not granted time off during the holiday season unless it’s an emergency.


It’s such a “busy” time of year for a lot of folks who are getting ready for the holidays.  Will they be able to take the time from their busy schedules?

Some people are consumed with shopping, food preparation, planning and church this time of year.  How will they feel about taking the time to attend a wedding?


Is your family heavy into gift giving and will they begrudge having to buy yet another gift?

If your family is heavy into gift giving, they may express concern about giving yet another gift in December.  If this is the case, and if it would cause family problems, just tell them they are not obligated to give a gift on your anniversaries.  Make sure they understand that the two of you have no gift expectations.


Rental facilities usually charge more for a wedding than other events.  You will have to book well in advance because you will be competing with private holiday parties.

This should not be a problem if you book well in advance.  If you are a late planner, then you might be out of luck getting the exact place you’d like to be.


What if the weather prediction is for heavy snowfall?

For those who live in cold winter areas there is always the possibility of a snow storm showing up unannounced!  Check the Farmer’s Almanac for weather conditions.  It’s not a guarantee, but it has been relied upon by many for decades.  Other than that, keep in mind that the weather could preclude guests from traveling.


If you do live in a winter area, all of your wedding pictures will be taken inside, unless you are a crew who loves the cold weather!

What kind of memorable photos would you like to have?  If you have a dazzling gown, you may have to deal with all inside shots, unless your wedding dress happens to come with a matching ski parka. You could brave the elements though and get some really romantic shots with a snowy background or on the ice.  If your photographer is a true artist – he may give you a romantic look because he or she would love to get some snazzy artistic shots with the snowy background!


Rings should be on sale!

The holidays reek of sales and bargains.  Find your special pair of rings at discounted prices.

Flowers for You?

What kind of flowers will you have?  Something to consider is that you may not be able to get as exotic as you’d like to with flowers.  During the winter season, you may have to deal with what is available.


It’s not all cons to having a December or winter wedding. 

Wedding dresses should be cheaper this time of year.

Photographers should be more readily available and thus less expensive.

If guests are coming to a hotel for the weekend, they can go skiing the next day!

Because this is not prime vacation season, most services should be a little more discounted.

You will be able to file married on your taxes for the entire year and the tax rate for married couples is much lower than it is for single people.


Love is always on time any time.  Maybe you want to avoid all of the hassles of a big wedding and do something small and intimate by going to a justice of the peace.  Or, asking a church minister to marry the two of you.  Depending on the laws of your state, all you need is a witness to make it legal.

So, if you are doing a winter wedding, we would love to hear from you.